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Date Last update
17.11.2022 I have a youtube channel now.
Some EPs will be released soon (see upcoming releases and sneak preview).
And I'll enter spotify in 2023.
04.12.2020 New releases by Chanting Snakes:
The poppy trilogy (ENC019C), The poppy trilogy (cassette edition) (ENC019T) and The poppy trilogy (download edition) (ENC019D).

24.03.2019 New release (3" CDR): Komponistenpack (ENC018) by Redderhead
28.04.2018 New release (free download): Incident at Sottorfallee (ENC017) by Vakuum
08.03.2018 New release (free download): Acceleration patterns (ENC016) by Chanting Sharks, featuring early stages of two songs
19.01.2018 New release (CDR): Im Abgrunde genommen (ENC015) by Musik aus Barmbek
05.12.2015 New release (CDR in DVD case): Rest / Forest (ENC014) by Halbes Vakuum, limited edition of 10
09.03.2015 The Element EP by Musik aus Barmbek is now released (3" CDR, ENC013)