----------------------------------------------- CHRONOLOGY -----------------------------------------------

1981-1983: My first "bands" consisted of my long time musical companion Christian Hennig and me together with various other musicians. We founded Athabasca, that phase was characterized by learning to play instruments.
Some months later a real drummer went in and we called ourselves Prisma D. Our music became harder and more rock-oriented but not better. Especially the attempts of singing were dreadful. Of course we liked it at that time! All recordings of that early period are in our safes and they will never touch your ears.

1984-1985: The drummer left and we didn't sing anymore - that meant that the music became different - and Les Commandeux was born. For some years we played instrumental rock with a cheap rhythm machine. The music became strange and we took the chance to make some 4-track recordings.

1986-1990: Our music became more complicated and although the style was the same or at least similar, another name occured. As Alexander von Ostwestfalen Christian and I recorded some bewildering tracks with frequent changing of guitarists. There is a CDR collection of that material (together with two songs of Les Commandeux) on ENC006.

1987-1990: During the existence of Alexander von Ostwestfalen I had a "side project". Die Fruchtzwerge were a fun pop rock band with classical line-up. A reissue of the first tape release (with drummer) is possible while almost all songs of the second tape release (with rhythm machine) have been re-recorded (HDR) by keyboarder Frank Zonza and me (see Flash of Genius) and are available on ENC004.

1985-now: Frank Zonza and I recorded some songs as Flash of Genius. Later we gave up that name and called our releases Musik aus Barmbek. A compilation can be found as ENC004. A contribution for a song contest can be found here, three other versions of the same song can be found on the EP ENC009. Another EP is our Element EP ENC013. A whole album with songs from 2004-2017 is released as ENC015.

1991-1996: Coincidentally I met Marion Koslowski in a phase I began to write lyrics and it happened that our ideas of writing and recording music fit perfectly together in that time. Vakuum had a creative period, sometimes we recorded 60 minutes of music during one weekend. Music of Vakuum is available on ENC001 and ENC002. I have completed the summary of this creative time fourteen years later in a requiem (ENC010) we've never finished together.
Vakuum's one and only live performance in 1993 has been recorded and is available for download (ENC017).

1985-now: Of course I recorded some solo stuff. Until Vakuum's death I called it Fizzle Project, a collection of this material is released as ENC007. Later I called myself Halbes Vakuum. You can find a re-mix of material from 1996 on ENC003 and there's a minialbum ENC008 with songs from 2002 as well. The newest release is an album consisting of treated field recordings (ENC014).

2001-2008: Lars Tängmark from Sweden and I made a collaboration project (Chanting Sheep). In order to make music together we sent files to each other. It was worth the effort! The music is released as CD pressing (ENC011).

2003-2006: Christopher Garbers and I (I.H.M. - that's not an abbreviation for "I hate music", it's a kind of answer to HIM) have produced some rock songs. This music will possibly appear on Hotel Encore sometimes.

2007-2014: Sascha Beyer and I (Chanting Sharks) recorded songs in the same way of collaborating like Chanting Sheep. Our album is released as CD pressing (ENC012). Early stages of two songs are available for download (ENC016).

2013-2020: Michel Leroy Valdés and I formed the Chanting Snakes as a sequel to the Chanting Animals projects. Our album is released in three different formats with different content (ENC019C (CD), ENC019T (cassette) and ENC019D (download)).

2014-2019: My former neighbour Robert Tschuschke is one of the few drummers I know. Sometimes we have jammed together and a few songs evolved from this sessions. Since he has moved in 2017 I have recorded these songs in my home studio within twelve months. An EP with four tracks is released (ENC018).

2018-....: I'm recording some songs with Christian Bruhn aka Reu Bruhn (Reu Bruhn Combo) right now.